Many parents nowadays are going to school while raising a family. For most of us, keeping kids occupied and interested is in itself, a full time job. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, there are ways to study with kids at home. It’s not easy to pull off such a challenging task, but it certainly can be done. Think of why you start your study in the first place, remind yourself when the going gets tough, that all of this temporary discomfort is nothing compared to the result you will achieve. After all, when you have a clear goal and reason for studying, all of the problems will be nothing to you.

In the event that your children are very young, it is quite possible to utilize the time that they are napping through the day to get on with your studies, catch up with the work that requires the most concentration. Be prepared to compromise and juggle your chores and studies, as well as maintain a quality period of time with your children (don’t make them think that the school is the enemy that takes you away from them).

If your children are a little older and attending kindergarten or day school, you have for yourself a block of time to concentrate on your study, relatively unhindered. It requires a considerable amount of flexibility if you have housework or similar chores to take care of. Find help from your partner or family members, bargain and trade off for additional personal free time, or even send them to nearby daycare center. It may seem like you are not coping on your own, but you are actually taking steps this way to keep on going, rather than to allow yourself to be ground down by feelings of inadequacy.

How to Study With Kids Around at Home

Another option available is to use the TV as a babysitter. I am not suggesting you just leave your children in front of the screen for hours on end, but if there is a suitable program for your kids that they can watch, either in another room or even with headsets in the same room, this will give you peace of mind that they are safe, in front of safe programming material. Of course, you may even use a suitable DVD or similar pre-recorded movie of your choosing. Please bear in mind that this is not a long term solution but rather for a short period like a half hour program, as an example.

One other idea to consider is to turn your study revision into a game. When you have written your summary notes, you may ask your children to test on certain questions from your revision notes. This may only work if they are old enough for reading and concentrating themselves. Another variation might be to recite your notes to them and ask if they can remember what you said. Make it a memorization game for children while you are going over your material. Ask your children to find books for you in the library. Practice your presentations in a fun way than you want to actually deliver in class.

Lastly, spend quality time with your children. I couldn’t emphasize enough that the ultimate goal for us to study is to provide a better future for our family, and don’t let it be too late. Moreover, if you spend a little time with them, they will not bug you much if you leave them alone in the intervals; especially you create some fun projects for them to do, while you work on your own. Reward them for letting you have the quiet environment, this could be treat or special activity.

In conclusion, don’t give up on study activity or give in to your children. It’s always to get something done better than nothing at all. Hang in there, and you will be fine. And best of luck!