The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, one of the leading genomics centres in the world, has chosen Fluke Networks to supply its Network Team with a network analysis solution that will provide visibility of the Institute’s 2 Gigabit network backbone.

The network backbone uses trunked 1 Gigabit fibre links. The Network Team wanted to be able to monitor both 1 Gigabit channels at the same time.

The challenge was to find a network monitoring solution that was able to merge the packet capture files from each channel of the link, to provide a complete capture for the trunk.

Quote from Martin Burton, Senior Systems Administrator, The Sanger Institute:
“The Fluke Networks’ Link Analyzer™ solution was compared to several alternatives and proved to be superior because it was able to merge packet capture files and provide us with a complete view of our 2Gigabit links.

Fluke Networks’ OptiView Link Analyzer utilises hardware accelerated packet analysis and monitoring to provide the Sanger Institute with maximum network visibility.

The OptiView™ Link Analyzer remotely monitors and captures traffic, at full line rate, on full-duplex links, to provide accurate timing and traffic analysis.

At the Sanger Institute, we use two Link Analyzers, one on each fibre, to provide visibility of the complete 2Gigabit link.

Fluke Networks loaned the Link Analyzers to the Sanger Institute before the final purchasing decision was made, so it could test-drive the products.

During this test phase, as well as performing the required packet capture and analysis the Link Analyzers also identified some problems within the network.

Quote from Martin Burton:

Our policy is always to evaluate hardware and software products before committing to purchase. Fluke Networks’ willingness to assist in this process, and the support we received during our evaluation period, meant that we could comprehensively evaluate the impact that the Link Analyzer would have on our overall network visibility. The Link Analyzer was installed without any downtime to the network, and almost immediately proved a useful tool in diagnosing a problem we had been having with some of our NFS services.